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This started out innocently enough,
someone sent me the words to Kennybunkport Hillbilly,
I had the idea and wrote 'Bomb Iraq',
The rest of these songs seemed to write themselves.
Before I knew it, I had this collection of tunes.
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The Kennybunkport Hillbilly - a 'W' biography.
(Lyrics from the internet)

Bomb Iraq - I wrote this a few months before the US invasion.

Leaving On a Jet Plane Reworked for the 21st Century. (Lyrics from the internet)

I Shot the Lawyer - We used to have a VP named Quail, this one hunts quail. Unfortuantely his hunting abilities and his war-making abilities are about the same quality. You can tell I wrote this a while ago, It refers to killing 2000 American kids. that number is now over 3000, more than were killed by 9/11.
The Sunni Side of the Street - I'd like to say that I planned to write this song from the perspective of a displaced Sunni, its just not so. I made up the title, and well, then i had to write the song.... you know how it is.

I Hope It Makes My Red State Blue - Sung in my best Crystal Gale voice. And my wish was answered!

'It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Nixon'
"Instead of fighting the Iron Curtain, we're just paying Halliburton"

State of the Union GW Speaks truth to power.