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I came upon

a child of God

He was waking along the road

And I asked him "Where are you going?"

And th is he told me

"I'm going on down to Yasgur's farm

I'm gonna join in a rock and roll band

I'm gonna camp out on the land

And try and get my soul free"

We are stardust,

we are golden

And we've got to get our selves back to the


Then can I walk beside you

I have come here to lose the smog

And I feel to be a cog in something turning

Well maybe it is just the time of year

Or maybe it's the time of man

And I don't know who I am

But you know life is for learning ...

By the time
we got to Woodstock

We were half a million strong

And everywhere
there was song and celebration


And I dreamed

I saw the bombers

Riding shotgun

in the sky

And they were turning

into butterflies

Above our nation ...

: We are stardust,

billion year old carbon

We are golden, caught

in the devil's bargain

And we've got to get


back to the garden



Woodstock 1969

Bootleg Version

YMSK Recordings is happy to bring you the Music of Woodstock. Perhaps the greatest concert of all time. It happened at a unique time of musical and social change and innovation.

This is the Bootleg Only version of Woodstock. The most complete collection of the non-commercaially released music. It was compiled through the Woodstock Project's great work. Unless you were at Woodstock, you've probably never heard this before.

If you're really a Woodstock obsessed you can combine these recordings and commercially released recordings for an almost complete recreation of the Woodstock festival. To see what that would be, click on SET LIST

The recordings presented here can be saved as 11 cds from Woodstock (1969). CD 12 seems to be missing some of the Hendrix set which is listed in the documentation that came with these recordings. .

The following is a statement included on the cd's:

"Bear in mind that I have edited together stage announcements and performances from various sources to give the most complete "build" of this material currently possible. Multiple sources have varying sound qualities, varying levels of hiss ect. I have chosen not to de-hiss much of the material as my personal preference is "purist" and because of the extremely variant opinions about hiss reduction techniques. I have, however, speed corrected everything!!"



(Click on the link to listen or download)

Richie Havens:

1. John Morris/Richie Havens Intro Sources: Film Outtake, B&W Video
2. High Flyin' Bird Source: Film Outtake
3. Unknown song Source: B&W Video
4. I Can't Make It Anymore Source: Film Outtake
5. With A Little Help From My Friends Source: Film Outtake
6. Strawberry Fields Forever/Hey Jude Source: Film Outtake

7. Motherless Child Source: Audience Tape
8. Day Song Source: B&W Video

Bert Sommer:
9. Jennifer Source: Film Outtake

Arlo Guthrie:
10. Amazing Grace Source: Film Outtake

11. John Morris Intro/They Live The Life Source: Diary Video, Audience Tape
12. BBY Source: Audience Tape
13. Waitin' For You Source: Diary Video, Audience Tap
14. Unknown song/jam

Country Joe McDonald:
15. Chip Monck/Country Joe Intro Source: Film Outtake
16. Janis Source: Film Outtake
17. Rockin' All Around The World Source: Film Outtake
18. Flyin' High All Over The World Source: Film Outtake
19. Seen A Rocket Source: Film Outtake

20. Waiting Source: Audience Tape
21. You Just Don't Care Source: Audience Tape


Keef Hartley Band

1. Spanish Fly Source: Audience Tape

Incredible String Band            

2. Invocation Source: B&W Video
3. The Letter Source: Film Outtake, B&W Video
4. This Moment Source: Film Outtake
5. When You Find Out Who You Are/Chip Monck Outro Source: Film Outtake, Diary Video


6. Stormy Monday Source: Soundboard Tape
7. Theme From An Imaginary Western Source: Soundboard Tape
8. Long Red Source: Soundboard Tape
9. For Yasgur's Farm Source: Soundboard Tape
10. You And Me Source: Soundboard Tape
11. Waiting To Take You Away Source: Soundboard Tape
12. Dreams Of Milk And Honey Source: B&W Video
13.Stage Problems Announcement Source: B&W Video

 Grateful Dead (all tracks sourced from original Multitrack Master!! gaps in St. Stephen filled in by alt. Soundboard tape)

14. Ken Babbs/Chip Monck Intro-St. Stephen

Grateful Dead (track sourced from original Multitrack Master!!)
gaps in Lovelight filled in by alt. Soundboard tape)
1. Mama Tried
2. Equipment Failure And Stage Raps
3. Dark Star
4. High Time


gaps in Lovelight filled in by alt. Soundboard tape)

1. Turn On Your Lovelight


Creedence Clearwater Revival
Creedence Clearwater Revival Source: Soundboard Tape EXCEPT as noted

1. Chip Monck Intro/Born On The Bayou Source: Soundboard Tape, Blackstead Tapes MP3 File

2. Green River

3. Ninety-Nine And A Half (Won't Do)

4. Commotion

5. Bootleg


6. Bad Moon Rising

7. Proud Mary

8. I Put A Spell On You

9. Night Time Is The Right Time

10. Keep On Chooglin'

11. Suzy Q

------- DISC SIX: -------

Janis Joplin

Source: Soundboard Tape

1. Chip Monck Intro/Raise Your Hand

2. As Good As You've Been To This World

3. To Love Somebody

4. Summertime

5. Try (Just A Little Bit Harder)




6. Kosmic Blues

7. Can't Turn You Loose

8. Work Me Lord

9. Piece Of My Heart

10. Ball And Chain


Sly & The Family Stone

Source: Soundboard Tape From
"Down On the Farm" CD

1. Chip Monck Intro/M'Lady

2. Sing A Simple Song

3. You Can Make It If You Try

4. Everyday People/Dance To The Music



5. Music Lover

6. I Want To Take You Higher

7. Love City

8. Stand


The Who Source:
Soundboard Tape EXCEPT where noted

1. Chip Monck Intro/Heaven And Hell

2. I Can't Explain

3. It's A Boy

4. 1921

5. Amazing Journey

6. Sparks

7. Eyesight To The Blind

8. Christmas

9. Acid Queen

10. Pinball Wizard

11. Abbie Hoffmann Incident


12. Fiddle About

13. -There's A Doctor I've Found

14. Go To The Mirror Boy

15. Smash The Mirror

16. I'm Free

17. Tommy's Holiday Camp

18. We're Not Gonna Take It

19. See Me Feel Me

20. Summertime Blues

21. Shakin' All Over/Chip Monck Intro/Pete Townshend Intro

22. My Generation-Naked Eye/Chip Monck Outro Source: Soundboard Tape, Soundtrack LP


Jefferson Airpalne

1. Doctor Request/Chip Monck Intro/Grace Slick Intro Source: Diary Video Jefferson Airplane

2. The Other Side Of This Life (segments only) Source: Director's Cut, Audience Tape

Joe Cocker

3. Something's Coming On Source: Acetate

4. Dear Landlord Source: Audience Tape

Country Joe & The Fish

5. Thing Called Love Source: Film Outtake

6. Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine

Source: Film Outtake

The Band Source: Soundboard Tape EXCEPT where noted

7. Chip Monck Intro/Chest Fever

8. Baby Don't Do It



9. Tears Of Rage

10. We Can Talk

11. Don't You Tell Henry

12. This Wheel's On Fire Source: Acetate

Johnny Winter

13. Mama Talk To Your Daughter

Source: Blackstead Tapes MP3

14. Rock Me Baby

Source: Blackstead Tapes MP3

Blood Sweat And Tears

15. Chip Monck Intro/More And More Source: Film Outtake

16. Something's Coming On/More Than You'll Ever Know Source: Film Outtake

17. Spinning Wheel Source: Film Outtake -------


Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

1. Blackbird Source: Film Outtake

2. Helplessly Hoping Source: Film Outtake

3. Mr Soul Source: Film Outtake

4. Long Time GoneSource: Film Outtake

Paul Butterfield Blues Band

5. All In A Day Source: Blackstead Tapes MP3

6. All My Love Comin' Through To You Source: Film Outtake




7. Drifting Blues Source: Film Outtake

8. Everything's Gonna Be Alright Source: Woodstock Two LP, Film Outtake


9. Teen Angel

Source: Film Outtake

10. Wipe Out Source: Film Outtake

11. Who Wrote The Book Of Love

Source: Film Outtake

12. Duke Of Earl Source: Film Outtake -------


Jimi Hendrix
Source: Soundboard Tape EXCEPT where noted

1. Chip Monck Intro/Introduction Source: Soundboard Tape, CD Hendrix At Woodstock

2. Message To The Universe Source: Audience Tape

3. Getting My Heart Back Together Again

4. Spanish Castle Magic

5. Red House

6. Master Mind

7. Here Comes Your Lover Man

8. Foxy Lady

9. Jam Back At The House



Jimi Hendrix
Source: Soundboard Tape EXCEPT Woodstock Farewell


1. Woodstock Improvisation/Villanova Junction

2. Hey Joe

3. Woodstock Farewell

(Chip Monck, from single cd Jimi Hendrx at Woodstock - its only a bit of audio so we added it here. Buy both single and double cd Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock official cds if you're a fan!)





Jimi Hendrix
Before and After Woodstock

1-9 - Rehearsals for Woodstock, Traver Hollow Road, Shokan House, New York, August 14, 1969

1. Lover Man #1
2. Lover Man #2
3. Hear My Train A Comin'
4. Spanish Castle Magic


5. Izabella #1
6. Izabella #2
7. Message To Love
8. Jam #1
9. Jam #2
10.Jam Back at the House


Hendrix Rehersals

1.Lover Man 4:19
2.Hear My Train A Comin' 8:33 3.Spanish Castle Magic 4:47 4.Izabella 4:31
5.Message To Love 5:31 6.Instrumental Jam I 11:38 7.Instrumental Jam II 2:23


8.Jam Back At The House I 6:18
9.Instrumental Jam III 4:37
10.Jam Back At The House II 4:23
11.Jam Back At The House III 5:37
12.If Six Was Nine 1:29
13.Sun Dance 5:43
14.Free From Blues 6:16

Note: It is not clear to me how this disk differs from the tracks above, but it was included in the set I received , so I include it here.

Five Way Street
Crosby Stills Nash and Young

1. Long Time Gone (version 1)
2. 49 Bye Byes
3. Instrumental
4. Instrumental
5. Instrumental
6. Woodstock (version 1)
7. Woodstock (version 2)


8. Guineverre
9. Simple Man
10. Black Queen
11. Our House
12. Almost Cut My Hair
13. You Don't Have To Cry
14. Long Time Gone (version 2)

CSNY studio outtakes!

Woodstock Nation

1. The Dukes - Ted's Fittest Licks
2. B. B. - Thrill Is Gone
3. Butterfield B. B. - Born Under a Bad Sign
4. The Fish - Barry's Caviar Jam
5. The Fish - Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine
6. The Heat - Let's Work Together

This bootleg claims to be from Woodstock but it probably isn't. Ted Nugent didn't play at Woodtock and the Sha-Na-Na singer here wasn't with them at Woodstock. Does anyone know where its from?




7. The Heat - Too Many Drivers
8. Sha-Na-Na - Na Na Theme
9. Sha-Na-Na - Yakety Yak
10. Sha-Na-Na - Teen Angel
11. Sha-Na-Na- Jailhouse Rock
12. Sha-Na-Na - Na Na Theme
13. Sha-Na-Na - Good Bye & final remarks

Its as if "the old man of Woodstock" was waiting for us at the top of the mountain (IF this were real!!!). The Woodstock Nation LP let's us complete three sets - Butterfield Blues Band, Country Joe & The Fish and Canned Heat. Exactly the songs that were missing. But that's not the best part of Woodstock Nation! That would have to be Wavy Gravy talking about at least five different kinds of microdots that were going around at Woodstock!! This mind-blower of an LP ends with someone closing Woodstock after Hendrix's performance - saying thanks to everyone, a round of applause and the last spoken words at Woodstock, "Brother, this is far out." Woodstock ends. Woodstock Nation gives us 9 new songs.